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Gathered by Roger Weber


In 1834, the first rules of modern baseball were published in The Book of Sports.


In the 1860s, pitcher Candy Cummings supposedly threw the first curve ball. This new pitch would not be accepted as anything more than an optical illusion until the mid-1900s.


In the first game between two professional teams – also the first game of the National Association, Forest City beat Fort Wayne 2-0.


1871 marked the first year that batting averages were ever recorded.


1876 was the first season players ever wore gloves in the field.


The National League originally consisted of eight teams, from Hartford, St. Louis, Chicago, Boston, Louisville, New York, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati. Chicago finished first in the standings that first season of 1876, with a 52-14 record.


On July 15, 1876, George Bradley threw the first major league no hitter.


In 1878, the first official catcher's mask was patented.


In 1892, Benjamin Harrison became the first American president to attend a major league game. Since then, every president has attended at least one while in office.


In 1893, the pitchers mound was set at 60 feet, 6 inches from home plate.


The Major Leagues use about 4,800 Louisville Slugger bats each year.


The 1990 Cincinnati Reds, who won the World Series, played below .500 after June 3. The following season they finished 20 games out of first place.


The 1990 Cincinnati Reds won the World Series with a payroll of $14 million.


The 1992 Cincinnati Reds did not have any player who hit more than 14 home runs (Paul O’Neil).


Game 2 of the 1912 World Series ended in a tie (6-6) due to darkness. The Red Sox won that series.


In 1912 Owen Wilson hit 36 triples.


In the 1980s no team won more than one World Series.


In 2004 David Aardsma moved ahead of Hank Aaron for first place on the all time alphabetical roster of major league players.




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