Baseball Judgments

Baseball Judgments |
Unique ballpark features


By Roger Weber


Each stadium seems to have its "signature" feature. Here is a list of the most notable ones at MLB parks as of 2006:


ATL: Former Olympic Stadium, center field plaza


FLA: Out of town scoreboard with clock


NYM: Home run apple


PHI: Liberty bell, center field museum, flowers above outfield wall


WAS: On straight line from capital to monuments


CHC: Marquis board, Wrigleyville, ivy, lack of lights, flags, bleachers, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, housetop seats, the El


CIN: Notch, Hall of Fame, Pepsi Powerstacks


HOU: Train, center field hill, right field porch, Union station, flag pole in play, short left field line


MIL: Sausage race, Bernie Brewer slide, tailgating


PIT: 88 feet tall, left field ramps, gold bridge, skyline over river


STL: View of arch


ARI: Swimming pool, center field wall, path to pitcher's mound, water canons, first baseball-only retractable roof


COL: Mountain Oysters, row of purple seats, clock, fountains and rock garden


LAD: Zigzag outfield roof, huge parking lot, parking lot gas station, "Think Blue" sign


SD: Electric company building, grass berm, towers in upper deck


SF: Ocean view, coke bottle, 1920s glove, McCovey cove, trolley car


BAL: Warehouse, right field concourse


BOS: Neighborhood, green monster, Ted Williams seat, bleachers, "Citgo" sign, Pesky's pole


NYY: Sculpture garden, old Yankee Stadium roof designs


TB: Orange roof lights, catwalks, tilted roof, "The Beach", shopping mall


TOR: Hotel, first retractable roof


CHW: Food concourse


CLE: Left field corner space, steel exterior w/ triple tiered suites, sellout streak, Mad Drummer, catwalks


DET: Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, Water and lights after HRs


KC: Fountains, King scoreboard, lack of outfield seats


MIN: Inflated roof


LAA: Ornate exterior, fountain, giant "A" in parking lot, Rally Monkey


OAK: Excessive foul territory


SEA: In-stadium art, bakery


TEX: Fortress-like exterior, center field offices, short right field porch, roof overhangs, lake outside


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