Baseball Judgments

Baseball Judgments |
Non-ballpark baseball shrines


By Roger Weber


The Louisville Slugger Museum


Start with an 80-foot tall baseball bat- the world's largest. Step inside and see a scale replica of the Cal Ripken record 2191 game in Baltimore. Step inside the dugout, run the bases and get up close with models of the players. Then move on and see historic baseball bats- like Ruth's 60 HR bat, Maris' 61 HR bat, McGwire's 70 HR bat and Sosa's 66 HR bat all next to each other. See the exhibit where a 90-MPH pitch is thrown just inches away from you out of a video board into a catcher's mit. That is truly impressive. The biggest attraction, though, is the actual plant where Louisville Slugger produces its bats- see how wood is shaped, molded and built to meet every player's desires. Learn some amazing facts about bats. The Major Leagues use approximately 5,000 Louisville Slugger bats each year.


The Billy Goat Tavern


The legend of the curse has brought about they mystique of a famous underground tavern, the Billy Goat Tavern. Located just off of Chicago's most well known street, Michigan avenue and a level underneath Chicago's Magnificent Mile, William Sianis' tavern is now filled with memorabilia about the curse. And as popularized by "Saturday Night Live," the restaurant's order taker shouts the lines "Cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger" when the order is specified.  The dark tavern usually has a line out the door for lunch and is a very fun, open place to catch a meal.


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